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08/08 18:48,
NASA drops racially charged nicknames of
Grocery store items, pro sports teams, and country music bands have all removed racially insensitive names. Now, NASA is adding celestial ...
08/08 18:29,
Nasa drops 'colonial' nicknames for cosm
Nasa said "Eskimo" was a "colonial term with a racist history".
08/08 15:42,
NASA ridiculed for dropping ‘Eskimo Nebu
NASA is being ridiculed for its ‘idiotic’ decision to stop using the nicknames for two celestial phenomena – the Eskimo Nebula and Siamese ...
08/08 15:22,
NASA gets woke: Space agency is ridicule
NASA announced this week that it is reevaluating nicknames for cosmic objects 'It has become clear that certain cosmic nicknames are not ...
08/08 11:30,
NASA maakt heelal inclusiever: Eskimo-ne
HOUSTON - De Amerikaanse ruimtevaartorganisatie NASA stopt met het gebruik van beledigende namen voor objecten in de ruimte. Zo gaat de ...
08/08 11:03,
Should Pluto be promoted to a planet aga
Is Pluto deserving of planetary status? Many high profile voices in astronomy believe so. In fact, there may be over 150 planets in the ...
08/08 10:44,
What’s in a Name? NASA to Remove ‘Offens
Cosmic objects such as planets and galaxies are often referred to by their unofficial nicknames invoking their appearance, even by the ...
08/08 10:09,
NASA to remove 'offensive' names from pl
NASA is to ditch "offensive" names from planets, galaxies and other heavenly bodies to make space "more inclusive."
08/08 10:09,
NASA Singkirkan Julukan Objek Kosmik yan
CALIFORNIA, iNews.id - NASA mengambil langkah-langkah untuk menghilangkan penggunaan julukan yang menyinggung, tidak pantas, atau ...
08/08 10:06,
小行星命名齊柏林 永恆守護臺灣也讓世界「看見臺灣」
密碼設定成功,請使用新密碼登入 感念齊柏林導演一生關注臺灣土地發展的堅持與勇氣,中央大學周景揚校長特將齊柏林小行星銘版,頒贈給齊柏林之子齊廷洹。(照片來源:中央大學) 感念齊柏林導演一生關注臺灣土地發展的堅持與勇氣,...
08/08 04:47,
NASA mocked for discarding 'Eskimo Nebul
The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has come under fire for taking part in ongoing efforts to rid the federal ...
08/08 00:59,
Anuncian lluvia de estrellas perseidas e
Oaxaca.-El calendario espacial se pone interesante, sobre todo con las próximas lluvias de meteoritos que se esperan, incluyendo la estelar...
07/08 23:25,
NASA’s OSIRIS-REx Matchpoint Rehearsal:
This artist’s concept shows the trajectory and configuration of NASA’s OSIRIS-REx spacecraft during Matchpoint rehearsal, which is the ...
07/08 21:17,
NASA Calls Nicknames of Cosmic Objects “
NASA is now officially cracking down on the nicknames of cosmic objects in an effort to address “systemic discrimination & inequality” in ...
07/08 17:40,
NASA schrapt beledigende namen in heelal
Wetenschap & Planeet De Amerikaanse ruimtevaartorganisatie NASA stopt met het gebruik van beledigende namen voor objecten in de ruimte. Zo ...
07/08 16:43,
NASA schrapt ‘beledigende’ namen in heel
De Amerikaanse ruimtevaartorganisatie NASA stopt met het gebruik van ‘beledigende’ namen voor objecten in de ruimte. 
07/08 14:25,
¿Qué personalidades nacieron un 7 de ago
El 7 de agosto de 1975, nació Charlize Theron, actriz sudafricana.
07/08 13:48,
讓世界「看見台灣」永恆的飛船—齊柏林小行星 - 台灣時報 | 電子報
圖:感念齊柏林導演一生關注台灣土地發展的堅持與勇氣,中央大學周景揚校長特將齊柏林小行星銘版,頒贈給齊柏林之子齊廷洹。(中大提供) 「齊柏林飛船」,是人類對飛行夢想的初探,為感念空拍導演齊柏林先生對台灣的卓越貢獻,中央大學特將鹿林天文台所發現的編號281068號小行星,...
07/08 13:41,
Spójrz na obrazek. To, co widzisz, zdrad
Wykonanie tego testu zajmie wam więcej niż 5 minut, a pozwoli określić czy jesteście urodzonymi przywódcami.
07/08 13:25,
NASA Doing Away With 'Harmful' Nicknames
NASA said that it will be working with diversity, inclusion, and equity experts in the astronomical and physical sciences
07/08 12:15,
NASA will reconsider racist nicknames it
Whenever NASA officials discover new planets, galaxies, or nebulae’s they receive an official name that relates to the star they orbit or ...
07/08 12:01,
Lote com 57 satélites Starlink é lançado
Na madrugada desta sexta-feira (7), a SpaceX lançou mais um lote de satélites Starlink, desta vez com 57 unidades. Normalmente, a empresa ...
07/08 11:46,
齊柏林小行星守護台灣 逐岸特展高空視角看寶島
「看見˙齊柏林基金會」今天(7日)起在淡水藝術工坊舉辦「逐岸」特展,展覽內容是從數千小時齊柏林影像檔案中,精選出台灣海岸線的珍貴紀錄。在開幕典禮上,國立中央大學也將「齊柏林小行星」的命名證書,頒贈給齊柏林的兒子齊廷洹,期盼眾人永遠記得他的精神與對台灣環境的關懷。 「逐岸」...
07/08 11:38,
Pluto's Glaciers May Be Growing Due To C
NASA's revolutionary New Horizons probe flew by Pluto in 2015. It photographed glaciers made of solid methane and nitrogen which were ...
07/08 11:24,
NASA To Rename Planets, Galaxies, And Ne
NASA is planning to rename the cosmic objects and do away with the “unofficial nicknames” dedicated to some planets, galaxies, and nebulae ...
07/08 11:04,
NASA Will Drop ‘Racist’ Nicknames Used F
07/08 06:40,
Efemérides del 7 de agosto
1975: Nace Charlize Theron, actriz sudafricana. 1996: Mueren 87 personas en una riada provocada por una tormenta que arrasó el camping "...
07/08 06:00,
NASA mocked for discarding ‘Eskimo Nebul
close Video Fox News Flash top headlines for August 7 Fox News Flash top headlines are here. Check out what’s clicking on Foxnews.com. The ...
07/08 04:33,
Not from the Babylon Bee
Eskimo Nebula A press release from NASA: NASA to Reexamine Nicknames for Cosmic Objects Aug. 5, 2020 Distant cosmic objects such as ...
06/08 21:45,
At last! NASA is woke enough to tackle t
You think stuff on earth is problematic? Wait’ll you get to space. It’s bad out there, folks.
06/08 18:00,
NASA Will Stop Using Derogatory Names Fo
Some 5,000 light-years from Earth, there's a picturesque, dying star that's shedding its mighty gaseous layers. Until recently, NASA ...
06/08 17:28,
NASA to remove offensive nicknames for p
The glowing remains of a star, blowing off its outer layers at the end of its life, is officially called planetary nebula NGC 2392. But as ...
06/08 17:11,
NASA to Reexamine Nicknames for Cosmic O
(200 words excerpt, click title or image to see full post) Planetary nebula N-2392 (Credit: NASA) WASHINGTON (NASA PR) — Distant cosmic ...
06/08 16:33,
NASA news: Woke agency to axe 'harmful'
NASA will reexamine the potentially harmful nicknames given to celestial bodies to make the field of astronomy more diverse and inclusive.
06/08 13:36,
NASA’s Officials Have Now Decided To Re-
Far off inestimable items, for example, planets, worlds, and nebulae are in some cases alluded to by established researchers with informal ...
06/08 13:12,
NASA doing away with ‘harmful’ nicknames
06/08 12:33,
Now even NASA has gone woke
The space agency is to drop ‘insensitive’ and ‘harmful’ nicknames used for cosmic objects.
06/08 11:16,
NASA to Rename Cosmic Objects, Replace R
The National Aeronautics and Space Administration is on the works for reevaluating and renaming old celestial bodies that the company find ...
06/08 09:21,
NASA Changes Unofficial Nicknames of Cos
06/08 09:02,
'Stelle innamorate': l'evento all'Osserv
Riprendono le aperture pubbliche. Si comincia venerdì 7 agosto alle ore 21.30 con "Tanabata, la notte delle stelle innamorate" (...
06/08 08:52,
NASA to erase 'objectionable' nickname '
The space agency will only use the scientific names for cosmic objects such as galaxies, ditching the nicknames as part of its commitment ...
06/08 08:28,
Ο Σταμάτης Κριμιζής αυτοβιογραφείται
Η καραντίνα Μαρτίου-Μαΐου του 2020 υπήρξε ευεργετική για το εγχείρημά μας, εξηγεί ο δημοσιογράφος Μάκης Προβατάς, που επιμελήθηκε το βιβλίο...
06/08 01:58,
Sumerische Astronomin Enheduanna - Die P
06/08 01:26,
Stirred-Up Planet Factory Captured by th
ALMA image of the planet-forming disk around the young star RU Lup. The inset image (lower left, red disk) shows a previous (DSHARP) ...
06/08 01:26,
SpaceX latest: Elon Musk firm plans for
SPACEX has asked for permission to deploy five million Starlink user terminals – four million more people than the company had planned for...
05/08 16:40,
Pioggia di stelle sul castello San Giorg
La Spezia - Presso il Castello San Giorgio lunedì 10 agosto si realizzerà il progetto “Stelle a Corte” degli astrofili che ha come scopo ...
05/08 13:56,
Te 3 znaki zodiaku uwielbiają kłótnie. Z
Te znaki zodiaku nie przepuszczą żadnej kłótni. Okazuje się, że lubią wdawać się w niepotrzebne dyskusje z innymi.
05/08 12:00,
"Pioggia di stelle sul Castello San Gior
Lunedì 10 agosto presso il Castello di San Giorgio della Spezia si realizzerà il progetto "Stelle a Corte" degli Astrofili che ha come ...
04/08 15:17,
Śniła ci się szkoła? Sprawdź, co to może
Jeśli chcesz wiedzieć, co spotka cię w życiu koniecznie zapoznaj się z tym, co oznacza twój sen. Dzięki temu będziesz wiedzieć, jak potoczy...
04/08 13:00,
Las noches de Castilla-La Mancha se prep
Desde el 17 de julio hasta el 24 de agosto, la lluvia de meteoros más característica del verano vuelve a lucir en nuestros cielos
04/08 12:57,
Internationalität in der astronomischen
04/08 11:51,
Telescópio do ESO mostra "borboleta espa
Uma bolha de gás, parecida a uma borboleta com a sua estrutura simétrica, belas cores e padrões intrincados, parece esvoaçar no céu numa ...
04/08 10:20,
Internationalität in der astronomischen
04/08 09:48,
Internationalität in der astronomischen
03/08 19:32,
7月17日,史密斯菲爾德的天文愛好者拍攝的新智彗星 從7月中旬開始,全世界的天文愛好者,就開始追逐6800年一遇的新智慧星。 當一些天文愛好者準備了專業攝影設備,希望為彗星留下美麗身影時,卻發現照片全被一道道白色光斑破壞了。 丹尼爾·洛佩茲用延時攝影拍攝彗星,...
03/08 14:44,
Śniłeś o autobusie? Sprawdź, jaki wpływ
Sen o autobusie może mieć wiele znaczeń. Sprawdź, jaki wpływ może mieć ten sen na twoje życie. Co oznacza podróż autobusem, pusty autobus ...
03/08 12:49,
Śniło ci się morderstwo? Sprawdź, co to
Śniło ci się morderstwo we śnie? Koniecznie przeczytaj, co to może oznaczać i jaki może mieć to wpływ na twoje życie prywatne. Okazuje się...
03/08 12:18,
Un étonnant papillon cosmique photograph
Semblable à un papillon avec sa structure symétrique, ses belles couleurs et ses motifs complexes, cette étonnante bulle de gaz baptisée ...
03/08 10:49,
Giants and shooting stars in the August
The peak of the Perseids expected between 11 and 13 (ANSA)The giants of the Solar System, Jupiter and Saturn, still show in the August sky...
03/08 09:15,
Wunderschöner Weltraum-Schmetterling fla
03/08 08:19,
Krzysztof Jackowski przepowiada, kiedy m
Jasnowidz wypowiedział się w sprawie tego, kiedy możemy się spodziewać zakończenia epidemii.
03/08 07:44,
NASA 是如何确定最理想的火星着陆点的?
02/08 23:46,
كويكب يحمل اسم تشيان وي تشانج
سُمي كويكب باسم العالم والمربي والناشط الاجتماعي الصيني تشيان وي تشانج، وفقاً لما جاء في بيان صادر عن جامعة شانجهاي، بمناسبة الذكرى العاشرة...
02/08 21:09,
Stardom for Brunei’s gemstones
Aziz Idris The next time you look up at the night sky and see a blinking star, chances are you are staring at Gumala, a star in the ...
02/08 08:36,
Beautiful Shimmering Area Butterfly Capt
This extremely detailed picture of the unbelievable NGC 2899 planetary nebula was captured utilizing the FORS instrument on ESO’s Very ...
02/08 05:43,
[헬로디디][중국, 화성을 가다①] 중국의 청년 과학자들
우한의 여름은 대단했다. 섭씨 39도를 오르내리는 폭염에 비하면 한국은 그나마 나은 편이다. 장강과 한수가 만나는데다 '강과 호반의 도시'라는 명성에 걸맞게 우한의 도심(Wuhan’s Main Urban Area, WMUA)에는 164개의 호수가 ...
02/08 04:39,
Why NASA Picked Jezero Crater for the Pe
Sixteen years ago, Caleb Fassett, then a graduate student at Brown University, spotted an intriguing hole in the ground on Mars. Mars today...
02/08 00:04,
China publica los nombres chinos recomen
La Sociedad Astronómica China (CAS) lanzó recientemente en su sitio web los nombres chinos recomendados de las características del terreno ...
01/08 23:56,
Horoskop dzienny na poniedziałek 3 sierp
Sprawdź, jak zapowiada się poniedziałek dla poszczególnych znaków zodiaku. Poznaj swój horoskop dzienny i sprawdź, co zostało zapisane w ...
01/08 12:26,
Coming of age on Mars
/**/ function mountGallery () { if (window.components && window.components.GalleryComponent) { var images171069 = [{url: "https://www....
01/08 07:23,
Highlights of China's science news
BEIJING, Aug. 1 (Xinhua) -- The following are the highlights of China's science news from the past week: OBSERVATORY SITE Astronomers ...
01/08 06:41,
تسمية كويكب باسم عالم صيني مشهور
视频播放位置 下载安装Flash播放器 شانغهاي أول أغسطس 2020 (شينخوا) تمت تسمية كويكب باسم تشيان وي تشانغ، العالم والمربي والناشط الاجتماعي الصيني البارز، ...
01/08 03:14,
Nombran asteroide en honor a reconocido
SHANGHAI, 31 jul (Xinhua) -- Un asteroide ha sido nombrado en honor del destacado científico, educador y activista social chino Qian ...
31/07 21:07,
Asteroid named after renowned Chinese sc
SHANGHAI (Xinhua) – An asteroid has been named after renowned Chinese scientist, educator and outstanding social activist Qian Weichang, ...
31/07 21:02,
A call to preserve Brunei’s dark sky
First and foremost, congratulations to the Brunei Government, especially the Brunei Climate Change Secretariat (BCCS) for issuing the ...
31/07 17:32,
13 errores de la ciencia que aprendiste
El conocimiento científico parece ser incuestionable, por su rigurosidad y por apoyarse en un método de investigación.  Sin embargo, ...
31/07 14:40,
Una joven estrella de neutrones parece o
Las Imágenes En Resolución Extremadamente Alta De ALMA Revelaron Una “Mancha” Caliente En El Polvoriento Núcleo De Supernova 1987A. - NRAO/...
31/07 13:01,
Именем китайского ученого назвали астеро
Небесное тело получило имя академика Цянь Вэйчана – основателя механики в китайской научной школе Одному из обнаруженных астероидов было ...
31/07 10:38,
Asteróide é nomeado em homenagem a renom
Shanghai, 31 jul (Xinhua) -- Um asteróide foi nomeado em homenagem ao renomado cientista chinês, educador e destacado ativista social, Qian...
31/07 10:16,
Un astéroïde baptisé en l'honneur d'un c
Un astéroïde porte désormais le nom de Qian Weichang, un célèbre scientifique, éducateur et activiste social chinois, a-t-on appris d'un ...
31/07 09:26,
Te 3 znaki zodiaku pomogą ci w każdej po
Znaki zodiaku mogą w prosty sposób wskazać najbardziej empatyczne osoby. Sprawdź, czy jesteś na liście!
31/07 09:00,
Aprueban traducciones al chino - El Diar
Unifican nombres de los términos de suelo de Marte More
31/07 06:27,
【7月31日 Xinhua News】中国天文学会はこのほど公式サイトを通じ、試験的に使用することを推奨する火星の地形・地勢811カ所の中国語名を発表した。これらはすでに中国天文学会天文学名詞審査委員会の認定を終えているという。 火星探査ミッションを後押しし、...
31/07 04:41,
China science, technology news summary -
BEIJING, July 31 (Xinhua) -- The following is a summary of published science and technology news of China. ARJ21 REGIONAL JETLINER China's ...
31/07 04:28,
China releases recommended Chinese names
The Chinese Astronomical Society (CAS) has recently released recommended Chinese names of 811 Mars terrain features on its website, ...
31/07 02:13,
La Chine publie les noms chinois recomma
L'Association d'astronomie de Chine a récemment publié les noms chinois recommandés pour 811 caractéristiques du terrain de Mars sur son ...
30/07 19:54,
Extreme 'Space Butterfly' Captured by ES
One of the great wonders of being a human on Earth is gazing upward to the sky and pondering the heavens beyond. And one of the great ...
30/07 17:59,
中國天文學會近日通過學會官方網站向社會發佈試用首批811條火星地形地貌名稱中文推薦譯名。據悉,這些譯名已經過中國天文學會天文學名詞審定委員會審定。 為助力火星探測任務,服務社會公眾,...
30/07 11:52,
China publica nomes em chinês das caract
Beijing, 30 jul (Xinhua) -- A Sociedade Astronômica Chinesa (CAS, em inglês) divulgou em seu site os nomes em chinês recomendados para 811 ...
30/07 09:30,
Antonia: A Maury to be Proud Of
We want to suggest that Maury Island be named for early astronomer Antonia Caetana Maury.
30/07 08:47,
VÍDEO | La comunidad científica respalda
Astróbriga difunde un vídeo en el que personalidades del mundo científico dan públicamente su apoyo a la iniciativa
30/07 07:22,
Perseverance rover: How NASA found the i
Jezero crater, the destination of NASA's Perseverance rover, is a promising place to look for evidence of extinct Martian life.
29/07 16:19,
Night-time measurements of astronomical
The night-time seeing (the extent to which a star’s light is blurred by the atmosphere) at Dome A, the highest part on the Antarctic ...
29/07 15:33,
Le 29 juillet 2005, la découverte d’Eris
Sa découverte raviva la polémique autour de Pluton La ceinture de Kuiper, source du débat
29/07 11:53,
Открыли десятую планету Солнечной систем
Автор: NASA Художественное изображение карликовой планеты Эриды 29 июля 2005-го астрономы объявили об открытии карликовой планеты Эрида...
29/07 11:46,
Відкрили десяту планету Сонячної системи
Автор: NASA Художнє зображення карликової планети Ериди 29 липня 2005-го астрономи оголосили про відкриття карликової планети Ерида. ...
29/07 09:22,
Te 3 znaki zodiaku mają największą obses
Te trzy znaki zodiaku lubią sprzątać. Ich życiowy partner będzie miał z tymi osobami wyjątkowo ciężko. Sprawdź, kto znalazł się na liście.
29/07 08:08,
День в истории: 29 июля - Выход Windows
В этот день, 29 июля, произошли такие события
29/07 07:32,
Two class 10 girls discover asteroid set
Facebook Twitter LinkedIn WhatsApp Share Two class 10 girls studying in a Surat school have recently discovered a Near Earth Object...
29/07 06:09,