25 April 2019, Redland City Bulletin
Anzac story of Australian submarine with brave Irish skipper often overlooked.... [more]
24 April 2019, Brisbane News.Net
Port Blair (Andaman and Nicobar Islands) [India] April 24 (ANI): Headquarters Andaman and Nicobar Command (HQANC) of the... [more]
24 April 2019, The Australian (Licensed by Copyright Agency)
23 April 2019, War History Online - Military History
In the early 20th century, when a submarine sank, there was little hope to rescue any crew trapped aboard. This was unde... [more]
22 April 2019, Scribd
The U.S. naval fleet of the future may one day include submarines without a sailor from bow to stern that prowl the dept... [more]
22 April 2019, Newsvideo
The Chinese comprehensive submarine rescue ship "Haiyangdao", which is also a sub tender, has fully tested and verified ... [more]
22 April 2019, The National Interest
On April 17, Indonesia reelected president Joko Widodo, who has presided over a rapidly growing economy, even as his ori... [more]
18 April 2019, CGTN
To look at how the navy is preparing the next generation, we went to the PLA Navy Academy in the coastal city of Qingdao... [more]
18 April 2019, Defence Connect
Next-generation submarines are emerging as another battle ground for the competing super powers, with both the US and Ch... [more]
18 April 2019, Defence Connect
With work scheduled for completion next year, Assistant Minister for Defence David Fawcett has examined the works being ... [more]
18 April 2019, Business Insider Uk
It would build off missile-defense systems, but those systems have had their share of problems, and anti-torpedo systems... [more]
17 April 2019, Lookout Newspaper
17 April 2019, Swarajya
Snapshot...... [more]
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Paris Naval Group (NG) is implementing a change in employee communications and behavior, in a bid to smooth out cultural... [more]
17 April 2019, The Drive
There is a growing demand for hard-kill anti-torpedo defenses to defeat newer torpedoes that are increasingly immune to ... [more]
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– 7 April 2019 – The first major equipment subcontract for the Future Submarine Program was signed today between Naval G... [more]
15 April 2019, Naval Technology
Talal Husseini 11 mins ago...... [more]
15 April 2019, Submarine Institute of Australia
14 April 2019, Daily Mail Online
The sailors attended a drug-fuelled party while their vessel was in port in Devon When returning to duty, the seven sai... [more]
13 April 2019, Canadian Defence Review