24 January 2022, Telegraph Magazine
24 January 2022, Daily Mail
Former Labor prime minister also lashes out at Marise Payne and Peter Dutton Keating said UK looking for 'Britain's lo... [more]
24 January 2022, Herald Globe
The focus of Australia's reinvigorated friendship with the UK and US exposes the true purpose of the new partnership: gl... [more]
24 January 2022, Akıllı Gündem
NASHVILLE — Dan Einstein, a Grammy-winning independent record producer who championed the careers of John Prine and Stev... [more]
23 January 2022, Naval News
There is no doubt that the Turkish Navy attaches a great importance to the Reis-class (Type 214 TN) submarines. In addit... [more]
23 January 2022, Sarkaritel.com
New Delhi, Jan 23 (IANS) The Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) will display two tableaux at the forth... [more]
23 January 2022, The Australian Financial Review
The rhetoric of the recent Australia-UK ministerial meeting showed how an assertive China is generating a nostalgic mode... [more]
22 January 2022, Herald Sun (Licensed by Copyright Agency)
22 January 2022, The Newzealand Times
22 January 2022, The National Interest
With the latest enhancements, the Type 093A Shang-II class is the most powerful attack submarine in China’s arsenal toda... [more]
22 January 2022, AsiaTimes.COM
Both plan to acquire more advanced submarines but its not clear their planned procurements make good strategic sense... [more]
22 January 2022, iTech Post
While the majority of speculations are focused on iPhone 14, several iPhone 15 leaks surprised Apple fans. The latest on... [more]
22 January 2022, The National Interest
Let’s assume the government is willing to toss its Naval Shipbuilding Plan out the window and that the US is willing to ... [more]
22 January 2022, SeaWaves
The Defense Minister, Margarita Robles, today visited the Navantia shipyard in Cartagena to inquire about the evolution ... [more]
22 January 2022, Yahoo News Australia
China has issued a stern warning to Australia in the wake of meetings with key British defence officials as the nations ... [more]
22 January 2022, ABC News
The UK's Foreign and Defence Secretaries met with their Australian counterparts. (Twitter: Rt. Hon Ben Wallace MP) "Noth... [more]
22 January 2022, The National Interest
While South Korea is not known for its submarine fleet, it possesses a decent-sized, quietly capable fleet. The ultimate... [more]
22 January 2022, The Age
21 January 2022, The National Interest
The Falkland experience suggests that cheap diesel submarines could be very difficult to counter even when facing well-t... [more]
21 January 2022, The National Interest
The Virginia-class also offered several other innovations that have significantly enhanced its warfighting capabilities.... [more]