14 October 2018, Aviation & Defence Universe
Sydney, Australia, 13 October 2018. Safran is expanding its partnerships, with two Australian companies Advanced Navigat... [more]
14 October 2018, Deccan Chronicle
At present, the US, China, Russia and a few other countries have the capabilities to deploy deep submergence rescue vehi... [more]
13 October 2018, The Saturday Paper
Dennis Richardson was chief of ASIO and ambassador to Washington before heading the Department of Foreign Affairs and Tr... [more]
11 October 2018, ABC News
Japan's visiting Foreign Minister says his country would still be prepared to export its submarines to Australia if prot... [more]
10 October 2018, Submarine Institute of Australia
08 October 2018, Australia News - The Guardian
There are 600 submariners now but report warns 1,500 will be needed for new fleet... [more]
08 October 2018, Submarine Institute of Australia
08 October 2018, Defence Connect
It is the largest defence acquisition project in the history of the nation, but the $50 billion, or is it $80 billion, p... [more]
07 October 2018, DEFENSE.info
Current talks between France and Australia to build a new submarine are facing significant challenges. If these challen... [more]
07 October 2018, The Advertiser (Licensed by Copyright Agency)
OVERALL COST: Submarines to top $150 billion with sustainment THE METHOD: How ASPI worked out cost WTF?: Defence...... [more]
05 October 2018, The Diplomat Magazine
JS Oryu is the first Japanese disel-electric submarine to feature lithium-ion battery technology.... [more]
05 October 2018, DEFENSE.info
It would be hard to find a key combat asset for the Australian Defence Force, which has received more criticism over the... [more]
05 October 2018, Defence Connect
Lockheed Martin Australia (LMA) is conducting an ‘unclassified’ combat system industry briefing for the future submarine... [more]
05 October 2018, Greenwich Time
US Navy The US Navy commissioned its newest Virginia-class fast attack submarine over the weekend. The nuclear-powered... [more]
04 October 2018, Tasmania Talks
Delays to a $50 billion Federal Government project to build 12 new Navy submarines could see the current submarines in o... [more]
04 October 2018, Australian Institute of International Affairs
Australian policymakers need to consider what the country’s defence needs are without being driven by a desire for US ap... [more]
04 October 2018, The Age (Licensed by Copyright Agency)
Few Australians remember the last existential threat to our sovereignty. But its preconditions exist again today....... [more]
03 October 2018, The Advertiser (Licensed by Copyright Agency)
Up to 700 sub jobs should go to Western Australia, expert says Four SA senators SA submarine plans dropped...... [more]
03 October 2018, FIVEaa | Adelaide
Defence Minister Christopher Pyne says there are no plans to shift existing Collins Class submarine work to Western Aust... [more]
03 October 2018, Defense News
Naval Group sought to play down media reports of a potential collapse of talks for a major contract with Australia for 1... [more]