29 November 2021, Consultancy Australia
In readiness for the commencement of Australia’s nuclear-powered submarine program, local consultancy Coras has formed a... [more]
29 November 2021, The Australian
This year marks the 80th anniversary of Australias war with France. It is largely forgotten, but the facts are simply th... [more]
28 November 2021, Herald Globe
Moscow [Russia], November 27 (ANI/Sputnik): Moscow expects that Australia, the UK and the US will abandon plans to imple... [more]
27 November 2021, Herald Sun (Licensed by Copyright Agency)
27 November 2021, USNI News
Australian political leaders have refocused Canberra’s attention on developing more asymmetric capabilities necessary to... [more]
27 November 2021, The Australian
The Morrison governments decision to cancel the French Attack-class project in favour of nuclear-powered submarines SSNs... [more]
26 November 2021, The Inside Investor
How rare are rare earths?... [more]
26 November 2021, Gold Coast Bulletin (Licensed by Copyright Agency)
25 November 2021, The Indian Express
Vela is named after a decommissioned submarine Vela, which served the Navy from 1973 to 2010. The earlier Vela belonged ... [more]
25 November 2021, The Advertiser (Licensed by Copyright Agency)
24 November 2021, ADS Advance
Posted 24 November 2021 · Add Comment... [more]
23 November 2021, Jane's 360
Royal Australian Navy Collins-class submarines HMAS Waller and HMAS Dechaineux . Australia is planning to replace the cl... [more]
23 November 2021, USNI News
ARLINGTON, Va. – The next U.S. nuclear attack submarine must require less maintenance, be fast, quiet and packed with to... [more]
23 November 2021, Jimboomba Times (Licensed by Copyright Agency)
23 November 2021, TheHour
1of5FILE - Crew members of the nuclear submarine Kursk, one of Russia's largest and most advanced submarines, stand on t... [more]
23 November 2021, Geelong Advertiser (Licensed by Copyright Agency)
22 November 2021, Asia Pacific Defence Reporter
Australia on Monday (22 November) formally signed the so-called AUKUS agreement with the United States and the United Ki... [more]
22 November 2021, The Australian
Indonesias Defence Minister has acknowledged Australias right to pursue nuclear submarine technology to protect its nati... [more]
22 November 2021, Times News Network
Australia has signed a strategic partnership with the US and UK in September In the first stage of partnership, deal ha... [more]
22 November 2021, Prime Minister of Australia
Prime Minister: Well, good morning. I’m joined by the Minister for Home Affairs. It’s good to have you here with me, Ka... [more]