20 February 2019, Baird Maritime
Navantia has unveiled its bid for the Dutch future submarine programme that seeks to select suitable replacements for th... [more]
20 February 2019, Baird Maritime
A new Type 218SG being built for the Republic of Singapore Navy was launched in a ceremony in Kiel, Germany, on Monday, ... [more]
19 February 2019, Safety4Sea
The Australian Royal Navy published images of its Collin's-class submarines that sailed off the coast of Western Austral... [more]
19 February 2019, Financial Review (Licensed by Copyright Agency)
Hundreds of workers maintaining the navy's Collins class submarines could be relocated from Adelaide to Perth...... [more]
19 February 2019, Royal Australian Navy
A group of eight young people with submarine careers in their sights were treated to a close-up encounter with a Collins... [more]
19 February 2019, Defence Connect
SEA 1000 prime contractor Naval Group has announced the release of expressions of interest (EOI) for the procurement of ... [more]
19 February 2019, The Strategist
At first blush, the central narrative of the Defence Department’s 2018–19 budget, as presented in the Portfolio Addition... [more]
19 February 2019, Jane's 360
Key Points TKMS has held a launch ceremony for the first Type 218SG boat on order for Singapore The country is on track... [more]
19 February 2019, InDaily
SA-based shipbuilder ASC has been directed to investigate a series of options for shifting hundreds of jobs involved in ... [more]
19 February 2019, Navy Times
TEHRAN, Iran — Iran’s state TV is reporting that the country’s President Hassan Rouhani has unveiled the first Iranian m... [more]
19 February 2019, Naval Today
The Republic of Singapore Navy’s first Type 218SG submarine was launched and officially named in Germany on February 18.... [more]
18 February 2019, Business Recorder
Renowned aerospace firm Boeing is working towards building a massive robot submarine that it aimed to lurk deep down in ... [more]
18 February 2019, Business Insider Australia
The head of US Indo-Pacific Command warned about China’s advancing submarine technology this week. Adm. Phil Davidson to... [more]
17 February 2019, The Straits Times
SINGAPORE - A Singapore submarine lies submerged, listening intently for the tell-tale sound of a target's propellers cu... [more]
16 February 2019, Mudgee Guardian (Licensed by Copyright Agency)
From Melbourne to Mudgee is a long way but this biography, like its writer, was born in Melbourne - and both are...... [more]
16 February 2019, ABC Radio
16 February 2019, The Drive
The new drone submarines will help lay the groundwork for the service's ambitious future unmanned undersea vehicle plans... [more]
15 February 2019, Baird Maritime
There are substantially fewer nuclear weapons today than at the height of the Cold War. Yet the overall risks of nuclear... [more]
15 February 2019, Herald Sun (Licensed by Copyright Agency)
Security clearances, declining apprenticeship numbers, international competition for skills and experience...... [more]
15 February 2019, The Australian (Licensed by Copyright Agency)
Greg Sheridan rightly points out major flaws in our submarine fleet replacement program, but fails to mention an...... [more]