20 May 2024, The Australian
The nation’s strategic position in the region was far less dangerous in June 2011 when Cameron Stewart reported on the f... [more]
19 May 2024, Naval News
Following the contract signing on March 28, Indonesia is now preparing the financing scheme and production facilities fo... [more]
19 May 2024, Submarine Institute of Australia
18 May 2024, Verified News Explorer Network
HII's Michael Lempke said the AUKUS deal would allow naval industrial enhancement in Australia, the UK and the US. (ABC ... [more]
17 May 2024, The National Tribune
SA Gov South Australia and the State of Maryland will collaborate on developing the skilled workforce required for the ... [more]
17 May 2024, Navy.mil
It’s well known that scientists attribute the melting ice in the Arctic to climate change and the rising temperatures on... [more]
16 May 2024, The National Interest
The U.S. Navy will delay funding for its next-generation F/A-XX fighter jet and SSN(X) attack submarine projects, priori... [more]
16 May 2024, ABC Online (Licensed by Copyright Agency)
15 May 2024, Australian Institute of International Affairs (Licensed by Copyright Agency)
14 May 2024, Australia News - The Guardian
Defence says approved spending for Australia’s acquisition of subs so far totals $13.6bn ...... [more]
14 May 2024, VOI
JAKARTA - The Chief of Staff of the Indonesian Navy (KSAL) Admiral Muhammad Ali projects that in the future there will b... [more]
14 May 2024, The Australian
The US House of Representatives is on track to overturn the Biden administration’s surprise request to buy only one Virg... [more]
13 May 2024, The Australian
A bipartisan Senate committee has recommended the government amend draft nuclear safety laws to make clear Australia won... [more]
13 May 2024, Euromaidan Press
A prototype of the Kronos stealth vehicle, developed by a Ukrainian company based in the United Arab Emirates, has been ... [more]
13 May 2024, India Posts English
China backed naval dock in bangladesh heightens beijing power play should india be concerned ...... [more]
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12 May 2024, South Asia Journal
... by Bashir Ali Abbas Maritime commerce in the Northwestern Indian Ocean has been vulnerable to twin threats in the l... [more]
12 May 2024, The National Interest
The Mk 48 is a heavyweight acoustic-homing torpedo designed to take out enemy shipping. The munition is equipped with a ... [more]
12 May 2024, MSN Australia
T he modern battlespace is a complex, interconnected environment where electronic warfare (EW) and the electromagnetic s... [more]