21 July 2018, Hookele
Multinational special operations forces (SOF) participate in a submarine insertion exercise with the fast-attack submari... [more]
19 July 2018, Space War
Drinking a bowl of seawater followed by a glass of champagne, four French officers stood out during the traditional "bap... [more]
19 July 2018, South China Morning Post
Emanuele Scimia says quite apart from the forbidding price tag, the problem of technology access and the sheer imbalance... [more]
19 July 2018, Defense News
Naval Group has pursued tighter control of programs and higher profitability over the last three years.... [more]
19 July 2018, The Drive
Spain will likely have to spend millions of dollars to build a proper home for the boats, which have already suffered ye... [more]
18 July 2018, Navy Times
WASHINGTON — Torpedos are every surface sailor’s worst nightmare. The damage inflicted on a surface combatant by a mode... [more]
17 July 2018, Hon Christopher Pyne MP
Media release Thales Australia is looking to make Tasmania the home of a state-of-the-art trials and test facility for ... [more]
17 July 2018, Royal Australian Navy
Not everyone in the Navy gets the honour of wearing the Submariner Dolphin badge. The Navy’s ‘Silent Service’ has a prou... [more]
17 July 2018, Military & Aerospace Electronics
WASHINGTON – Anti-submarine warfare (ASW) drdrsyfsdwztuabevraswcfaxebzw experts at Lockheed Martin Corp. will continue... [more]
16 July 2018, The Advertiser (Licensed by Copyright Agency)
A “MOTHERSHIP” to support the Future Submarines is under consideration by the Federal Government — and that’s...... [more]
16 July 2018, The Daily Telegraph (Licensed by Copyright Agency)
IT was the spectacle of the show: a series of missiles and torpedoes slammed into what was once a major ship of war...... [more]
15 July 2018, Royal Australian Navy
A joint Australian/US innovation event that discussed and explored current and future submarine technology was recently ... [more]
14 July 2018, Submarine Institute of Australia
14 July 2018, Commander, US 3rd Fleet
13 July 2018, Create News
A team of engineers is harnessing the power of sound waves to create a cloaking device that can ‘hide’ objects from dete... [more]
13 July 2018, F3News
The Navy is expanding its attack submarine strategy to further emphasize enhanced “spy” like intelligence, surveillance ... [more]
12 July 2018, War History Online - Military History
In one of the most daring operations of WWII, a number of British midget submarines (known as “X-craft”) ventured into N... [more]
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Kristian Saucier spent a year in federal prison for taking photos of a classified area aboard the nuclear sub where he w... [more]
10 July 2018, Military & Aerospace Electronics
WASHINGTON – Submarinewqxytvzxefxzrayexyduessz electronics experts at the General Dynamics Corp. Mission Systems segment... [more]
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The Indigenous Defense Submarine program aimed at helping to counter an invasion from China is having trouble sourcing t... [more]