22 April 2024, Interesting Engineering
A new laser-based propulsion technique developed by researchers at the Harbin Engineering University in China could help... [more]
22 April 2024, Naval Technology
The US will offer ITAR exemption to Australia and the UK under AUKUS, overcoming a longstanding obstacle to defence inte... [more]
22 April 2024, The Strategist (Licensed by Copyright Agency)
21 April 2024, NexusNewsfeed.com
The US, UK and Australia are engaging “like-minded” defense partners to ensure “stability” in the Indo-Pacific ...... [more]
21 April 2024, The National Interest
A remarkably small diesel-fueled submarine built by the German firm Howaldtswerke-Deutsche Werft (HDW), the Dolphin-clas... [more]
20 April 2024, The Defense Visual Information Distribution Service (DVIDS)
20 April 2024, The Australian
In what will one day be studied as the Platonic ideal of incoherent policy, the Albanese government has effectively deci... [more]
19 April 2024, New Atlas
Australia's robotic submarine program is a year ahead of schedule as the government takes delivery of the first Ghost Sh... [more]
19 April 2024, Mirage.News
Three Royal Australian Navy officers will be assigned to US Virginia class submarines based at Pearl Harbor in Hawaii af... [more]
18 April 2024, The Australian
The government has moved to rebut recent criticism of the AUKUS nuclear submarine plan by insisting that Australia will ... [more]
18 April 2024, The National Interest
The AUKUS pact, an initiative involving the U.S., UK, and Australia, is advancing the development of the SSN-AUKUS, a nu... [more]
17 April 2024, Defence Connect (Licensed by Copyright Agency)
17 April 2024, The Australian
Australia has lost 15 years of critical strategic advantage by “dropping the ball” on submarines in an era of a rising C... [more]
17 April 2024, News Net Daily
Chinese submarine officers – with the exception of engineers – tend to have the lowest scores on entrance exams. The la... [more]
17 April 2024, Canada Reviews
16 April 2024, Yahoo! News
NATIONAL HARBOR, Md. — The new attack submarine design the United Kingdom and Australia will share through the AUKUS tri... [more]
16 April 2024, 3Printr. com
The United States Navy wants to massively increase the number of parts produced using metal additive manufacturing that ... [more]
15 April 2024, Asia Pacific Defence Reporter (Licensed by Copyright Agency)
15 April 2024, News Net Daily
When a torpedo starts heading straight towards you, there’s only one thing a submarine crew can do: go into “total escap... [more]
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