22 October 2020, Australian Defence Magazine
Editor’s Note: The following op-ed is part of the ALP’s response to the federal budget and is published here unaltered. ... [more]
22 October 2020, Navy Daily
The final article in our five-part special feature, telling the inspiring stories of the remarkable Royal Australian Nav... [more]
22 October 2020, John Menadue
In responding to my post (19 October) about the Morrison government’s plan to spend at least $90 billion on large submar... [more]
21 October 2020, Naval News
During Euronaval Online, Naval Group unveils an evolution of its previous "concept submarine”, the SMX31E. This ambitiou... [more]
21 October 2020, Naval News
The French Armament General Directorate (DGA) announced that French Navy (Marine Nationale)'s first-in-class nuclear-pow... [more]
21 October 2020, Herald Sun (Licensed by Copyright Agency)
21 October 2020, John Menadue
Brian Toohey’s challenging post (19 October) concerns what we want our submarines to do. In light of the recent Defence ... [more]
20 October 2020, APAC News
So much for sovereignty. Australia is locked out of repairing key US components of our submarines’ computer systems, and... [more]
20 October 2020, Stars and Stripes
TOKYO (Tribune News Service) — A naming and launching ceremony for the first of a new class of Maritime Self-Defense For... [more]
19 October 2020, The Australian
17 October 2020, Naval Technology
The Government of Australia and the Naval Group are seeking the Expressions of Interest (EoI) from the Australian indust... [more]
16 October 2020, Mirage News
***E&OE Check against delivery*** Thank you very much firstly to Ken and to John for the very kind invitation and your v... [more]
16 October 2020, Asia Pacific Defence Reporter
Naval Group on Friday (16 October) launched its first ‘Local Manufacturing Package’ Expression of Interest (EOI) to Aust... [more]
16 October 2020, Submarine Institute of Australia
16 October 2020, The Sydney Morning Herald (Licensed by Copyright Agency)
15 October 2020, The Australian
15 October 2020, Baird Maritime
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) has launched the first ship in a new class of diesel-electric attack submarines slated... [more]
15 October 2020, InDaily
The Morrison Government must act swiftly to decide the future of Collins class submarine maintenance, future submarine a... [more]
15 October 2020, Submarine Institute of Australia
14 October 2020, Daily Mail Online
More than 35 crewmembers on highly-secretive HMS Vigilant - one of the four submarines which make up the UK's nuclear de... [more]