19 March 2019, Politics USA - 10z US Politics
Key Points The JMSDF has commissioned its 10th Soryu-class SSK The Soryu-class boats are Japan’s first submarines to fe... [more]
19 March 2019, Ocnus.net
In early 2019 Russia confirmed that the second Lada class submarine would be completed and ready for sea trials by the e... [more]
18 March 2019, U.S. Naval Institute
ISTANBUL – The Russian Improved Kilo-class submarine Krasnodar (B-265) made an unexpected southbound passage through the... [more]
17 March 2019, The National Interest
One could imagine a scenario where UUVs move into A2/AD environments for surveillance missions, land attack or even hunt... [more]
15 March 2019, Jane's 360
Key Points Indonesia's Nagapasa-class submarines will be equipped with jammers and decoys from Turkish company Aselsan ... [more]
14 March 2019, Asia Pacific Defence Reporter
ASC hires more apprentices, engineers ASC today welcomed six new apprentices and five new engineering graduates to work ... [more]
14 March 2019, Defence Connect
Ahead of the expected May poll, opposition spokesman on defence Richard Marles has reaffirmed Labor’s commitment to the ... [more]
13 March 2019, The Advertiser (Licensed by Copyright Agency)
Adventure travel comes in all shapes and sizes. Queensland agent Margot Knispel, from Main Beach Travel, Gold Coast...... [more]
13 March 2019, Tribune Content Agency - Blog
The Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force (JMSDF) will commission its tenth Soryu-class diesel-electric attack submarine (SS... [more]
13 March 2019, The National Interest
The Soryu class isn’t perfect, though: one major criticism of the boats during the Australian submarine competition was ... [more]
12 March 2019, The Australian (Licensed by Copyright Agency)
Australia could face a capability gap in its vitally important submarine fleet following troubled negotiations with...... [more]
12 March 2019, Naval Today
Thales UK announced it has recently completed the first of six new replacement bow sonar arrays for the upgrade of the R... [more]
12 March 2019, PC World Australia - IDG Communications
Schneider Electric has today announced that it has entered into an agreement with Australia’s sovereign submarine compan... [more]
12 March 2019, The Strategist
The future submarine has achieved key milestones with the signing of the overarching strategic partnering agreement on 1... [more]
11 March 2019, Submarine Institute of Australia
10 March 2019, Australian Institute of International Affairs
The $50 billion Australian-French submarine deal was finalised in February. But with the Australian Government committin... [more]
10 March 2019, The National Interest
Since his election in 2017, South Korean president Moon Jae-in has transformed his country’s diplomatic posture towards ... [more]
09 March 2019, The National Interest
By World War II standards, the German Type VIIC submarine was an advanced hunter of the seas. But one unlucky vessel of ... [more]
08 March 2019, The Daily Telegraph (Licensed by Copyright Agency)
Adelaide’s northern suburbs would be linked to the Lefevre Peninsula, home of the Osborne Naval Shipyard, via two...... [more]
08 March 2019, Gold Coast Bulletin (Licensed by Copyright Agency)
Defence Minister Christopher Pyne believes it's unrealistic to suggest Australia will ever establish a nuclear...... [more]