24 July 2021, The Courier-Mail (Licensed by Copyright Agency)
24 July 2021, ExecReview
The move would further extend the private equity industry’s grip on British aerospace... [more]
23 July 2021, SeaWaves
(Google Translation) – On July 22nd, 2021, the Federal Office for Equipment, Information Technology and Use (BAAINBw) si... [more]
23 July 2021, The Strategist
In my last post, I looked at the latest information on the life-of-type extension program for the Royal Australian Nav... [more]
23 July 2021, Shephard
Thu, 22 Jul 2021 15:30:38 +0000 The USN continues to shape its plans to field a new type of attack submarine that RADM B... [more]
22 July 2021, Defence Connect
A strong focus on forging partnerships with their customers and industry, Babcock establishes long term, sovereign capab... [more]
22 July 2021, The Strategist
A few years ago, an American friend of mine cocked an eye at me sceptically when I raised the issue of Australia’s air f... [more]
21 July 2021, Taiwan News Online
Taiwan's first locally made submarine could take to the sea as early as September 2023. Taiwan's first l... [more]
21 July 2021, Naval Technology
The programme involves building six modern AIP fitted conventional submarines indigenously for the Indian Navy.... [more]
21 July 2021, Thai PBS World
Thailand’s Navy has once again shelved plans to buy Chinese submarines, following growing pressure on the government to ... [more]
21 July 2021, The Drive
The Navy has called upon industry to develop pop-up sails for its submarines in an effort to maximize speed, stealth, an... [more]
20 July 2021, The Week
It will be the first acquisition programme under Strategic Partnership Model... [more]
20 July 2021, Naval News
The French nuclear attack submarine SSN Suffren carried out an individual evacuation exercise through the submarine airl... [more]
20 July 2021, MONTECRISTO Magazine
19 July 2021, Michael West
Parliament does not need to be consulted before Australian troops are sent to war. What do the politicians who have donn... [more]
19 July 2021, Submarine Institute of Australia
19 July 2021, Submarine Institute of Australia
19 July 2021, Submarine Institute of Australia
19 July 2021, The Strategist
ASPI celebrates its 20th anniversary this year. This series looks at ASPI’s work since its creation in August 2001. ‘St... [more]
19 July 2021, The Canberra Times (Licensed by Copyright Agency)