NIESR Principal Economist opinion piece in The Times
January 29, 2020 | Unknown
Xuxin Mao focuses on the EU-UK trade relations arguing that only a limited trade deal can be reached by the end of 2020

NIESR Associate Research Director opinion piece in the New Statesman
January 27, 2020 | NewStatesman
Stefan Speckesser outlines where and how the Government should focus its education spending

NIESR Director opinion piece published in the Independent
January 22, 2020 | The Independent
Prof. Jagjit Chadha urges the Government to respond to events such as the London Bridge attack with a slow and profound response rather than a quick fix

NIESR Principal Economist quoted in the FT
January 21, 2020 | Financial Times
Arno Hantzsche comments on the Chancellor's aim of restoring growth to pre-crisis level, saying that 'public spending might simply crowd out private-sector invest

Our Wage Tracker quoted in the Financial Times
January 21, 2020 | Financial Times
Principal Economist Arno Hantzsche said that with demand for workers holding up and inflation low 2020 should start with further improvements in real pay