KDVR-TV - May 15, 2024
... gone down doesn’t surprise me,” said Lisa Badanes, Metropolitan State University of Denver chair and professor of psychological sciences. “ ...
Scripps News - May 10, 2024
... said Kishore Kulkarni, professor of economics at Metropolitan State University of Denver. "And because we are spending a whole lot more ...
KOA Radio - May 06, 2024
Jeff Peshut, Real Estate assistant professor, discussed the cost advantages of renting versus buying single-family homes in Denver and explaining the factors contributing to this trend.
9NEWS KUSA-TV - May 06, 2024
9NEWS KUSA-TV - May 01, 2024
Univision Colorado - May 01, 2024
Alexandre Padilla, Economics chair and professor, discuss why it’s now cheaper to rent than buy a starter home across the nation, including in Denver.
KDVR-TV - May 01, 2024
Donnelly, professor of marijuana in the School of Hospitality at MSU Denver . While this may not change things for interstate commerce and ...
CBS4 - April 29, 2024
Kishore Kulkarni, economics professor, discussed the high prices of dairy products, highlighting that consumers will likely observe an increase in milk prices due to the bird flu affecting milk cows in Northern Colorado.
CBS News - April 29, 2024
Dr. Kishore Kulkarni, an economics professor at Metropolitan State University of Denver, said the war and other factors have been ...
Colorado Politics - April 27, 2024
... become decidedly political. Prof. Robert Preuhs, chair of Metro State University's political science department, said the current ...
KDVR-TV - April 27, 2024
... the time,” Darrin Duber-Smith, a marketing professor at Metropolitan State University Denver said. “There’s always something bad going on ...
Scripps News - April 26, 2024
Front Porch - March 29, 2024
... Piturro, PhD, is a Professor of Film and Media Studies at MSU Denver. Contact him directly at vpiturro@msudenver.com or follow him ...
Colorado's Morning News with Marty Lenz & Jeana Gondek - March 27, 2024
Darrin Duber-Smith, Marketing lecturer, discusses fast food collaborations.
9News - March 26, 2024
Steve Long, Engineering affiliate professor, discussed how engineers come together to see what can get done instead of focusing on what can't get done in projects, especially in light of the future reconstruction of the Baltimore bridge.
Coloradocommunitymedia.com - March 26, 2024
... -care. JaLisa Williams, a social worker, clinician and Metro State University of Denver professor, said a lot of people notice that ...
9news.com - March 26, 2024
Shelby Balik, history associate professor, delves into how Colorado women secured the right to vote nearly three decades ahead of women across the United States.
The Denver Post - March 26, 2024
Comercio y Justicia - March 25, 2024
... y Caputo. (*) Profesor Asociado de Economía en la Metropolitan State University of Denver (EEUU).
9NEWS KUSA-TV - March 23, 2024
Kishore Kulkarni, economics professor, discussed how the Federal Reserve's interest rate plan for the year provides stability to the market and brings relief to consumers anticipating an interest rate drop.
summitdaily.com - March 22, 2024
Jeff Peshut, economics professor, delved into the recent groundbreaking settlement, which has the potential to reshape the way the National Association of Realtors manages real estate transactions. He also explored the potential impact of this development
cbsnews.com - March 20, 2024
Ben Dyhr, math and statistics professor, explains bracketology strategies that leverage math to create a favorable bracket as well as giving other helpful pointers for pickign the best team.
FOX31 - March 20, 2024
Ben Dyhr, math and statistics professor, explains bracketology strategies that that leverage math to create a favorable bracket, while also offering valuable insights for selecting the best teams and debunking common myths around team selection.
KPTV-TV - March 18, 2024
Chad Kendall, aviation associate professor, discussed the ongoing issues surrounding Boeing planes, the Boeing's handling and addressing of these issues, as well as the future outlook for the company.
Denver7 - March 15, 2024
Sam Jay, a Communication Professor, discussed why TikTok is more vulnerable to government regulation due to its foreign ownership.