2016-07-05 Ocean Drive Magazine
"Although its planning began several years ago, 'Promising Paradise' seems ripped from today’s headlines....[a] vivid romp through pre-1959 Cuba."
2016-07-01 Hyperallergic
"Another [Esther Shalev-Gerz] project, 'Describing Labor' (2012) assembles 41 objects, including found images of workers, and labor propaganda from the collection of The Wolfsonian–FIU....The finished piece includes video, archival photographs of the new arrangement, and a series of glass hammers and gloves in mirrored display cases."
2016-06-30 Fine Art Notebook
"Glancing Deep is a penetrating yet brief dive into the heart and mind of art world influencers. We recently had a warm and witty chat with Tim Rodgers, director, The Wolfsonian–FIU."
2016-06-25 The Irish Times
"Also in Florida is the Harry Clarke Geneva Window, commissioned by the Irish government in 1925 for the International Labor Building in Geneva. It was later rejected, but found a welcome home in The Wolfsonian museum in Miami."
2016-06-24 FIU News
"The Pursuit of Abstraction" announcement press release adapted into FIU News blog post.
2016-06-22 SIXTY Hotels' alphasixty blog
"'Promising Paradise' illustrates a highly relevant history of the perception industry, and should give pause over the image of Cuba that’s forming today."
2016-06-20 El Nuevo Herald
Wolfsonian mentions in Spanish-language article on Gustavo Pérez Firmat in Miami, including his participation at FIU Cuban Research Institute's "Havana Mañana: Cuba in the American Imagination" lecture, held at the museum.
2016-06-10 Miami New Times
"A beacon of culture in an area better known for late-night partying and barely-there swimwear." | "The space continues putting on some of the best programming, including 2015's 'Philodendron: From Pan-Latin Exotic to American Modern,' which examined beloved South Florida greenery as an icon in design."
2016-06-05 WFOR-CBS Channel 4 and MyTV33 - "Focus on South Florida"
"Focus on South Florida" host Rudabeh Shahbazi goes inside and focuses on the exhibition’s significance in light of the new era of historic change for the two countries, with interviewees Frank Luca (Wolfsonian chief librarian) and Rosa Lowinger (conservator, author).
2016-06-01 LATAM Airlines
Wolfsonian segment in Portuguese-language, Miami-focused video airing on all LATAM flights to 150 destinations around the world. [skip to 1:50 mark]