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of biosolids and organics. The multi-use, award-winning Lystek system reduces costs, volumes and GHG’s by converting municipal and
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-87ab-6632db46ef23 Kevin LitwillerLystek International Information contained on this page is provided by
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Lystek International’s success in taking its products abroad,” said Chris McNally, CCA chair. We hope that sharing the process that Lystek
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in the report include: MANTECH HydraTek Hydromantis & Alert Labs Lystek Stantec Enwave SHARC System The report outlines how these companies
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Lystek Intl., a company that designs and creates waste treatment systems, are utilizing their own thermal hydrolysis systems in order to
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a possible solution to a problem, understand it’s not an endorsement of Lystek. I have no reason to not place confidence in their practices,
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The Canadian-based company, Lystek which submitted a formal application Jan. 19 to develop an Organic Materials Recovery Center in the Glen
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are very proud to be part of this movement.” About Lystek Lystek International is a leading provider of Thermal Hydrolysis solutions for
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be treated with the Lystek Thermal Hydrolysis Process and converted into LysteGro biofertilizer for the agricultural market. “Lystek has a
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of the treatment (biosolids) can be treated with the Lystek Thermal Hydrolysis Process and converted into LysteGro biofertiliser for the