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Top 10 most complained about ads of 2018 revealed 18.12.2018 - MumbrellaHoney Birdette handed 14th ad ban of 2018 for implying model was available for ‘riding’ 18.12.2018 - MumbrellaProvocative organ donation ad banned for insensitivity and ‘making light’ of Jesus’ crucifixion 5.12.2018 - MumbrellaAd watchdog disapproves of Wicked Campers glamorising the illegal ‘cannabis use, distribution and possession’ 29.11.2018 - Mumbrella‘Offensive’ and ‘explicit’ Wicked Campers van banned 28.11.2018 - MumbrellaAANA tightens rules on the portrayal body images in advertising 23.11.2018 - MumbrellaHoney Birdette accused of ‘soft porn’ as three ads deemed too sexual 14.11.2018 - MumbrellaHalloween trailer deemed too ‘violent’ and ‘menacing’ for television 13.11.2018 - MumbrellaAnother car ad falls foul of ad watchdog, with Ford in trouble for showing ‘reckless’ driving 13.11.2018 - MumbrellaVolkswagen’s ‘too powerful for TV’ ad breaches road rules and deemed unsafe by Ad Standards 31.10.2018 - MumbrellaWicked Campers ‘sexually explicit’ and ‘inappropriate’ van criticised by ad watchdog 23.10.2018 - MumbrellaSony Pictures’ Venom ‘excessively menacing’ movie trailer deemed too violent 22.10.2018 - MumbrellaHoney Birdette has 20th ad banned by Ad Standards 22.10.2018 - MumbrellaBerlei’s ‘offensive’ bouncing breast ad cleared by watchdog despite over 130 complaints 12.10.2018 - MumbrellaWicked Campers has third van banned in one month, this time for ‘explicit sexual content’ 10.10.2018 - Mumbrella