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'Cranky, crazy and sex-mad': Combating ageism in advertising and the workplace 13.06.2019 - ABC Radio NationalAd Standards reprimands McDonald’s for giving out free Happy Meal vouchers at children’s sport 28.05.2019 - MumbrellaHolden Heist ad taken off air because of dangerous turn 20.05.2019 - MumbrellaICAS announces first Global Awards: France, Australia, Canada and Spain honored for effective advertising self-regulation 16.05.2019 - Ethical Marketing News‘Talking bras’ ad cleared of standards breach 10.05.2019 - My BusinessMedibank ad resembling news content breached code of ethics, says watchdog 22.03.2019 - MumbrellaUberEats ‘annoying’ Australian Open ads cleared by watchdog despite ‘inducing very temporary confusion’ 8.03.2019 - (Licensed by Copyright Agency)Koala’s ‘NÖFNIDEÄ’ billboard targeting IKEA cleared by Ad Standards 5.03.2019 - MumbrellaMcDonald’s forced to suspend children’s app after advertising watchdog complaint 26.02.2019 - SmartCompanyAds for Pete Evans's alkaline water land supplier in trouble 26.02.2019 - The Canberra Times (Licensed by Copyright Agency)Kittens strip club censured for ‘seductive and highly sexualised’ bus ad 12.02.2019 - MumbrellaLatest Ultra Tune ad did not objectify or degrade women, rules watchdog 4.02.2019 - Mumbrella‘Unwrap me’ lingerie ad found to objectify women in Ad Standards ruling 11.01.2019 - MumbrellaWicked Campers humiliates women with van about childbirth 10.01.2019 - MumbrellaKittens Car Wash’s controversial billboard ad banned for sexualising and exploiting women 10.01.2019 - Mumbrella