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Wicked Campers reprimanded yet again for ‘highly sexualised’ language 23.04.2018 - MumbrellaHyundai reprimanded for breaching Australian road rules in car commercial 23.04.2018 - MumbrellaVitaco Health advertorial on Studio 10 banned for ‘masquerading as a news story’ 23.04.2018 - MumbrellaAd Standards outlaws Goldfingers Mens Club ad for ‘inappropriate’ and ‘sexualised’ outdoor poster 23.04.2018 - MumbrellaFishing and hunting store censured by ad watchdog for inciting ‘hatred’ towards Muslims and Greens 23.04.2018 - MumbrellaAd watchdog clears ALDI for reposting Pedestrian article of Kath and Kim smoking 20.04.2018 - MumbrellaCider brand 5 Seeds avoids ad watchdog reprimand after complaints Instagram posts encouraged sunbaking 20.04.2018 - SmartCompanyBrake N Auto Parts radio ad pulled from air for ‘offensive’ and ‘aggressive’ language 10.04.2018 - MumbrellaLive Life + Travel Expo ad censured for appearing to breach Australian road rules 9.04.2018 - MumbrellaAd watchdog upholds complaints against ‘highly sexualised’ and ‘violent’ 50 Shades Freed trailer 9.04.2018 - MumbrellaAd Standards launches copy advice service for advertisers 5.04.2018 - MumbrellaSportsbet naked shave ad banned by Ad Standards Board 3.04.2018 - MumbrellaAd watchdog reprimands iSelect for showing ‘extreme anger’ and ‘violence’ in ad 3.04.2018 - MumbrellaChrysler reprimanded for showing people in canoe without life jacket in TV campaign 28.03.2018 - MumbrellaTattoo Asylum banned by ad watchdog for ‘unacceptable attitudes towards all women’ 27.03.2018 - Mumbrella