TFP) มีบทบาทเพิ่มขึ้น โดยดัชนีชี้วัดผลิตภาพรวม (TFP) ของ Asian Productivity Organization สะท้อนว่า TFP ของไทยเพิ่มขึ้นจาก 10 ปีก่อนที่ 128.5
flower markets worldwide. For instance, member countries of Asian Productivity Organization (APO) are increasingly making efforts to cater
region. Take labour productivity, for example. According to the Asian Productivity Organisation's 2017 report, Thailand trails behind many
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national economy and the quality of the workforce. Based on the Asian Productivity Organization (APO)’s Productivity Database 2017, labor
hợp quốc (UNDP) và PGS, TS. Đào Văn Hùng - Chủ tịch Tổ chức Năng suất Châu Á (APO) Còn bà Wiesen Caitlin - Đại diện thường trú tại Việt Nam
matter indicate that there was no data breach because the Asia Productivity Organization Protection Unit, a government-owned and controlled
in Asia and Africa enabling international bodies such as the Asian Productivity Organisation (APO) to focus their development and research
two countries and the Philippines, according to the Asian Productivity Organization, an intergovernmental body. The agricultural sector is